"Dear Ms Adams

your prescription for Cultcha.

Please watch HIS GIRL FRIDAY.  It’s a black and white film, a “screwball comedy” — fast talking (very fast talking, the dialogue delivery taxed the sound man) comedy. It contains romance, social commentary, is a rewrite of a famous play called The Front Page, which has been filmed several times. In His Girl Friday, Hildy Johnson, the star reporter, becomes a woman, once married to her editor. An innocent-ish man is about to go to the electric chair, and only Hildy can save him. But Hildy’s about to get married…

Read THE DAUGHTER OF TIME by Josephine Tey. It’s timely — it’s about Richard III, and it treats the Facts In The Case of the death of the little princes in the tower as portrayed by Mr Wm Shakespear as a detective story — our hero is a bedridden police detective who gets interested. I love the genres this book works in, and the idea of history as written by winners.

So much music, so little time… Download 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields. Don’t worry if you don’t like every song. The ones you don’t like will pass, and ones you do like will come on. Love songs, in which gender is less important than love, in which love fails more often than not, in which you learn which pantone the kind of blue you turn when you’re in love is. This album inspired a generation of young songwriters to buy ukuleles and rhyming dictionaries.

There. Enjoy. Let me know what you like or don’t.” - Neil

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    I LOVE this idea. I may have to apply it in my own life…
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    Such a cool idea. I want a culture coach, particularly one who makes such excellent recommendations. (I like HIS GIRL...
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    I approve of your life choices.
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    Could have gone out on a date tonight, but instead chose to stay in with Netflix and (re)watch His Girl Friday as...
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